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Florida Lure Books southernmostfish Main Forum 801 10
by LittleCindy
old bagleys jasonmichael Main Forum 60 0
by jasonmichael
GREENIES BAN scooter_moonlight FLORIDA FISH NEWS 923 4
by TyndallTB
H.O Price Off the cuff 97 0
1949-1950 Zero Hour Bomb Co. scooter_moonlight Main Forum 1,872 8
I fish-don't collect but.................. cliffb_1952 Main Forum 475 1
by Unregistered
Dalton Twist cirwh Main Forum 861 3
Some lures that need ID... megaluremaniac Main Forum 367 0
by megaluremaniac
BFW Wilson Special Oldbasser Main Forum 370 0
by Oldbasser
Ed Hatch Pompanette wooden gaffs jono Main Forum 1,080 1
by scooter_moonlight
Todays finds egervictorybox Lures for sale 887 0
by egervictorybox
What every Eger Collection Is Missing... egervictorybox Lures for sale 986 1
by egervictorybox
Super cool lure scooter_moonlight Main Forum 619 1
by fastlure
SUPER TOUGH 5 3/4 ORLANDO SHINNER scooter_moonlight Main Forum 446 0
by scooter_moonlight
Picked these up today scooter_moonlight Main Forum 482 0
by scooter_moonlight
3 Eger Bass Hawg's now scooter_moonlight Main Forum 446 0
by scooter_moonlight
I remember the day scooter_moonlight Off the cuff 714 0
by scooter_moonlight
HEDDON'S ANYONE scooter_moonlight Main Forum 514 0
by scooter_moonlight
Eger Bass Hawg For Sale egervictorybox Lures for sale 620 2
by egervictorybox
Glad I'm not a NFLCC member scooter_moonlight Off the cuff 527 0
by scooter_moonlight
anyone know the maker of this bait ? scooter_moonlight WHO ARE WE ? UNKNOWNS ? 1,810 1
by egervictorybox
Added this 4 Pfeffers to my collection scooter_moonlight Main Forum 587 1
by scooter_moonlight
Even More Egers scooter_moonlight Main Forum 501 3
by Tommy
More Egers scooter_moonlight Main Forum 441 0
by scooter_moonlight
Eger Lures scooter_moonlight Main Forum 463 0
by scooter_moonlight


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